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Favorite anime:
:bulletblack: Pokémon
:bulletblack: Digimon
:bulletblack: Yu-Gi-Oh!
:bulletblack: Jungle Emperor (aka Kimba the White Lion)
:bulletblack: Onward, Leo! (aka Leo the Lion)
:bulletblack: Death Note
:bulletblack: Kuroshitsuji
:bulletblack: No. 6
:bulletblack: Ao no Exorcist
:bulletblack: Wolf's Rain
:bulletblack: Free!
:bulletblack: Kuroko no Basuke
:bulletblack: Junjou Romantica
:bulletblack: Sekai-ichi Hatsukoi
:bulletblack: Love Stage!!
:bulletblack: Doraemon
:bulletblack: Haikyuu!!

Favorite cartoons:
:bulletblack: Avatar: The Last Airbender
:bulletblack: The Legend of Korra
:bulletblack: Star Wars: The Clone Wars
:bulletblack: Star Wars Rebels
:bulletblack: DreamWorks Dragons
:bulletblack: Mickey Mouse cartoons
:bulletblack: Oswald the Lucky Rabbit cartoons
:bulletblack: Steven Universe
:bulletblack: Invader Zim
:bulletblack: We Bare Bears
:bulletblack: The Amazing World of Gumball
:bulletblack: Star vs. the Forces of Evil
:bulletblack: Regular Show

Favorite TV shows:
:bulletblack: Merlin
:bulletblack: Game of Thrones
:bulletblack: Spartacus
:bulletblack: Penny Dreadful
:bulletblack: The Munsters
:bulletblack: The Lone Ranger
:bulletblack: Ghost Adventures
:bulletblack: Ghost Hunters
:bulletblack: Paranormal Witness
:bulletblack: Finding Bigfoot

Favorite movies:
:bulletblack: Spirited Away
:bulletblack: Arashi no Yoru ni
:bulletblack: The Lord of the Rings
:bulletblack: The Hobbit
:bulletblack: Star Wars
:bulletblack: Harry Potter
:bulletblack: Disney movies
:bulletblack: Studio Ghibli movies
:bulletblack: Pokémon movies
:bulletblack: How to Train Your Dragon
:bulletblack: The Lone Ranger (2013)

Favorite books:
:bulletblack: The Lord of the Rings
:bulletblack: The Hobbit
:bulletblack: The Song of Achilles
:bulletblack: Harry Potter
:bulletblack: Warriors
:bulletblack: The Inheritance Cycle
:bulletblack: A Song of Ice and Fire
:bulletblack: The Mortal Instruments
:bulletblack: The Infernal Devices
:bulletblack: Percy Jackson & the Olympians
:bulletblack: The Heroes of Olympus
:bulletblack: The Vampire Chronicles

Favorite video games:
:bulletblack: Pokémon
:bulletblack: Spyro
:bulletblack: Kingdom Hearts
:bulletblack: Assassin's Creed
:bulletblack: Final Fantasy
:bulletblack: The Elder Scrolls
:bulletblack: The Legend of Zelda
:bulletblack: Fire Emblem
:bulletblack: Sonic
:bulletblack: Dragon Age
:bulletblack: Digimon games
:bulletblack: Kirby
:bulletblack: The Lord of the Rings games
:bulletblack: Mortal Kombat
:bulletblack: Super Smash Bros.

Favorite bands/musicians:
:bulletblack: Linkin Park
:bulletblack: Breaking Benjamin
:bulletblack: Skrillex
:bulletblack: Motionless In White
:bulletblack: Evanescence
:bulletblack: Black Veil Brides
:bulletblack: Gackt
:bulletblack: Utada Hikaru

Favorite people:
:bulletblack: Walt Disney
:bulletblack: Ub Iwerks
:bulletblack: Charlie Chaplin
:bulletblack: Leonardo da Vinci
:bulletblack: Oscar Wilde
:bulletblack: Zak Bagans

Favorite animals:
:bulletblack: All of them

Favorite colors:
:bulletblack: Purple
:bulletblack: Red
:bulletblack: Black
:bulletblack: White

Favorite food:
:bulletblack: Pizza

Favorite cartoon/anime characters:
:bulletblack: Mickey Mouse
:bulletblack: Oswald the Lucky Rabbit
:bulletblack: Leo (aka Kimba)
:bulletblack: Pikachu
:bulletblack: Stitch
:bulletblack: Toothless
:bulletblack: Doraemon
:bulletblack: Totoro

Favorite Pokémon:
:bulletblack: Zoroark
:bulletblack: Umbreon
:bulletblack: Charizard
:bulletblack: Gardevoir
:bulletblack: Sneasel

Favorite Legendary Pokémon:
:bulletblack: Mewtwo
:bulletblack: Hoopa
:bulletblack: Keldeo
:bulletblack: Mew
:bulletblack: Zapdos

Favorite Pokémon types:
:bulletblack: Psychic
:bulletblack: Dragon
:bulletblack: Ghost
:bulletblack: Dark
:bulletblack: Fairy

Favorite Digimon:
:bulletblack: Guilmon
:bulletblack: Gatomon
:bulletblack: Impmon
:bulletblack: Lucemon
:bulletblack: Veemon


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The Lion Guard: Return of the Roar

Journal Entry: Sun Nov 22, 2015, 11:11 PM

Zuka Zama! Okay, so I just finished The Lion Guard: Return of the Roar and these are my thoughts on it. ^^ First off, I personally really enjoyed it! :) Yes, it was pretty different from the original Lion King film and even the sequels really, but hey, I'm fairly sure it was made by different people, so what do you expect? I've heard some people say it's so different because it's "targeted towards kids", but that doesn't make much sense to me. I mean, who do you think the original Lion King film was targeted towards? How old were you when it came out or when you first watched it? Cause I was only around the same age range that The Lion Guard is targeted towards and I'm sure a lot of other Lion King fans were as well. Of course just because something is "targeted towards kids" doesn't mean adults can't enjoy it as well. If that were true there wouldn't be any adult fans of the original Lion King film. I like to think that Disney movies and shows are targeted towards everyone instead of just kids, but that's just me. c:

 only thing I really wasn't pleased about was Kiara's drastic personality change. She went from an adventurous, cheerful, playful cub who didn't want to be queen to a serious, somewhat stuck-up cub who seemed to be trying to act older than she was or something and wanted to be queen. o.0 I mean, I guess people's personalities do change when they get older... So maybe that's the reason? We know this series takes place during Simba's Pride, so it's an interquel. So Kiara has to be at least a bit older than she was at the beginning of Simba's Pride, even though she doesn't look it. I don't know how many people know this, but Kovu is actually a lot older than Kiara, even though they appear to be the same age at the beginning of the film. In a deleted scene, Nuka and Vitani go to Kiara's presentation when she's a newborn and when they return to the Outlands, Kovu is there with Zira and he looks pretty much the same as he does later when he first meets Kiara. So Kiara could be significantly older than Kion for all we know. She could just be acting differently because she got older. I still prefer the old Kiara from Simba's Pride though, but I'll try to get used to her new personality.

Kiara's friends were really cute. x3 I liked their spots and stuff. We finally know what Zuri is at last. lol I had a feeling she'd be another lion for some reason.

A lot of people found Bunga annoying, but I really liked him! xD He's probably my fave so far. lol I like his saying, 'Zuka Zama'. Though I'll admit, he could have said it a bit less. ^^; But whatever, it's pretty catchy. xD Especially that song. Speaking of songs, the soundtrack was awesome! ouo I absolutely loved it! I'm totally buying it when it's released. XD

Oh, and apparently Pumbaa shrunk?? Simba could sleep on his stomach as a cub and not even cover his whole stomach, but in this film he seems the same size or smaller than the cubs. o.o What's up with that? xD He's not really that much smaller though, just a bit. lol But I still wonder why they decided to make him smaller. Warthogs are pretty big animals. A fully grown warthog is definitely bigger than a lion cub. I'm sure they had their reasons, but I'm just wondering what those reasons were exactly.

Another thing I've seen some people complain about is the fact that the hyena leader is male. Yes, in real life hyena clans are lead by females, but we have to remember that this is just a cartoon. I mean, it's a cartoon about talking, magical lions and you expect it to be completely realistic? xD Bunga is a honey badger with uncles who are a meerkat and a warthog and Simba is a lion who was raised by a meerkat and a warthog. Not to mention a lion, honey badger, cheetah, hippo, and bird are all friends. lol I'm just saying, cut them some slack and let them have some fun. It's a fantasy cartoon.

And now onto some bigger things, like Scar's backstory. So there was actually more to Scar wanting to be king than just him being a power-hungry younger brother who was jealous because he wasn't born first? He had some sort of special power that went to his head and made him think he was superior and deserved to be king first. Interesting. Well, it does stomp all over my fan story about Scar's past, but it's whatever. It's just a fan story. Nothing official. xD I'm glad we're finally learning more about Scar and Mufasa's pasts though! Will we finally get to see how Scar gets his scar?! And maybe we'll finally see Ahadi and Uru?! I'm sure they most likely won't look anything like how we all picture them, but that's just how it goes I guess. We can still have our separate fanon world of course. :P I'm not changing my story about Scar's past or my own original Lion King 1 sequel because of this newly revealed info and backstory. My Lion King fan stories are a separate AU from the films, as are everyone else's. xD Though to be honest... What even is canon in The Lion King films anymore? lmao

So, uh... yeah, I think that's it. xD I think The Lion Guard is an interesting turn for The Lion King and I'm really looking forward to seeing more of it! :D Remember, we should all keep an open mind. Just because it's different doesn't mean it's bad. Give it a chance at least. ^^

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